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Here for you Merry Christmas! 1. Antivirus / Security Software

Antivirus or security software can free up your PC of any bugs that may be slowing your computer down. You can get free antivirus software that has plenty of features. Our favourite is AVG Antivirus Free Edition, which costs you nothing, and comes with free virus scanning, and you can even schedule scans too. It does not, however, come with firewall, but if you have a windows PC, Windows usually comes with it’s own firewall which is pre-installed.

If you don’t mind paying for extra features, Kaspersky Security is the most popular and recommended security software.

2. Optimization Software

This is software that removes junk and fixes problems on your computer, which speeds up your system. There are many free programs that do this, however the downside is that the free programs come with some limitations. A good free program is IObit Advanced SystemCare (free version). This comes with less limitations than most free programs. Another great and highly-recommended program is CCleaner. This program cleans your browser files, and it also cleans your registry.

3. Recycle Bin

When you delete files, they automatically go into the recycle bin. If the recycle bin is not emptied from time to time, the deleted files can build up, taking up more and more space. To empty the Recycle bin, double click the Recycle Bin shortcut on your desktop, then :

Note: Once items have been removed from

the recycle bin, they can no longer be

easily restored to your PC.

4. Windows Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a utility pre-installed with all Windows PCs. To use it, follow the instructions below.

1. 2. 3. Wait for Disk  Cleanup to  Initialise. 4. for free Get more tips on the Windows website